We have a huge stock of specific and generic risk assessments and method statements which are available for your use.  If you need a document for a particular job please contact us to find out if we already have exactly what you need, examples would be;
  • All plant machinery and equipment such as excavators, access platforms and so on;
  • Ground works and all other excavations;
  • Working at height;
  • Installation of roofs and trusses;
  • Erection of steel frames;
  • Use of handheld tools such as cartridge tools, nailguns, abrasive wheels and so on;
  • Loading and unloading risk assessments for site deliveries;
  • Development of site waste management plans (SWMP);
  • Brick and block laying;
  • Connection of surface and foul drainage;
  • Rewnewables such as installation of ground source heat pumps, solar panels, solar heating, wind turbines and similar.
Work we with clients with 10’s to 1000’s of employees to help them manage their health and safety completing site visits, developing specific RAMS, carry out noise and dust exposure tests and providing interim and outsourced safety support.  If you have a need for some support on safety please call us and speak directly to a chartered safety professional on 0121 314 4522.