Principal Designer Consultants – not all are made equal

Under the CDM Regulations you must appoint a Principal Designer (e support this role through acting as a Principal Design Consultant) this is a clear duty and one that cannot be avoided but, how do you ensure that you receive value for money and the right advice?

Not everyone should be a Principal Designer / Principal Design Consultant

One of the key factors in our experience is to have the right blend of practical construction experience and to be comfortable to interpret all existing health and safety regulations. This is quite a rare blend of attributes. It is easy to appoint a person who has skills in either construction (a contractor), design (an architect) or perhaps both. What is more difficult is to appoint someone who knows the health and safety regulations well enough to give appropriate and proportional advice – someone who is able to say how much is enough.

Skills in health and safety

The key issue is often related to health and safety. Many people understand the building process but few also understand the regulations to the extent that they are comfortable to advise you on a course of action – its your risk assessment they cry as your heart sinks.

But you’re the expert!

The answer is to employ a Principal Design Consultant who know the regulations well enough to offer clear advice to everyone involved in the process. Clients, Designers, Principal Contractors and specialist sub contractors can all manage their own risk but should be able to rely on the guidance and advice of the Principal Design Consultant. They should be able to give support and advice to all parties to ensure that the project can run smoothly as well as safely.

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We offer just this type of service. We understand construction and we also understand what must be done to keep people safe on the project. If you would like to find out how easy it is to comply please contact us to speak with an experienced and practical Principal Design Consultants or click here to request a fee proposal by filling out our short and simple online form.