Its looks increasingly likely that the HSE will be amending the Construction (Design and Management) CDM Regulations for 2014 with CDM Coordinator possibly changing to Project Preparation Manager (PPM).

The Project Preparation Manager (PPM) role is very likely to be the same as the present CDM Coordinator role with the change in name to Project Preparation Manager being largely a technical exercise.

In line with other moves within HSE the current 140 page Approved Code of Practice (ACoP) is likely to be dropped, one interesting development is the current role of the CDM Coordinator. The ACoP hints towards an independent and impartial CDM Coordinator whilst the EU Temporary Or Mobile Construction Sites Directive (TMCSD) moves towards a member of the current project team.

HSE Chief Inspector of Construction Philip White commented;

“What we are looking at is how we deliver the technical safety standards that everyone agrees are necessary without the unnecessary bureaucracy. We want to help the industry work in a more stream-lined way and make it better for small and medium sized enterprises to understand and comply with the regulations”.

An interesting by product of the check to ensure that the CDM Regulations do not over implement the requirements of the EU Directive is that CDM 2007 under-implements TMCSD in that it does not impose duties on owner occupiers – so called ‘domestic clients’ (in most situations) by excluding them from the definition of client. From this any revision is likely to see a reduction in burden in some areas followed by a whole new sector of the construction industry being covered by CDM for the first time when working on larger domestic projects such as larger private housebuilds and extensions.

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