What happens if I don’t comply with my duties under CDM 2007, such as appointing a CDM Coordinator?
Construction accounts for a significant proportion of deaths within industry. Building sites are in constant flux with risks developing and evolving throughout each day and conflicts between trades and activities is a serious and difficult risk to control. Around one third of all workplace fatalities occur in construction and many thousands are injured each year. Such incidents often have a significant and long lasting effect on the individuals, their colleagues, family, friends and business. By following CDM 2007, and apponted an experienced and competent CDM Coordinator you will be helping to stop this from happening by ensuring that each trade fulfills their roe in managing safety at site.

The benefit of following the CDM Regulations and appointing a CDM Coordinator, even when a project is below the notification requirement is simply that you are more likely to have a dangerous or fatal accident while your construction work is carried out if you do not ensure that the CDM 2007 Regulations are followed. In addition, your finished structure may not be safe to use, safe to maintain and may not deliver you good value for money.

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Our construction safety consultants and CDM Coordinators are able to give expert help and advice, particularly to smaller businesses who may not have a lot of knowledge. When we do find problems we will be able to deal with them quickly and effectively as we have real world experience in the construction industry.

Serious breaches of health and safety legislation on your construction project could result in construction work being stopped by HSE or your local authority and additional work maybe needed to rectify matters. In the most serious circumstances you may well be prosecuted and fines can be significant and costly in terms of more than just money as you may be removed from tender lists and find your insurance costs spiralling.

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We understand construction and we also understand what must be done to keep people safe on the project. If you would like to find out how easy it is to comply please contact us to speak with an experienced and practical CDM Coordinator or click here to request a fee proposal by filling out our short and simple online form.